About the restaurant

The Presnya Brasseria is a modern restaurant located on the territory of the famous Krasnopresnenskie baths. We have taken into account everything for our guests’ comfort. It's great to spend here: a business lunch, a friendly dinner, a family celebration, a corporate event, even watching significant sports broadcasts.



Dishes of European cuisine, favorite Soviet classics in the author's design, an excellent offer for beer, barbecue, Pan-Asian cuisine. We are different and it’s interesting with us.


Bar card

We have incredible branded liqueurs, bread wine, a decent selection of whiskey, 5 types of gin, a special tea list, classic mixes and more.


Wine map

Attractive offer by brands, price, geography.


Beer menu

Unique beer from Krasnopresnenskie baths’ own brewery - the PRESNYAVARY. We are proud that the PRESNYAVARY offers to get acquainted with their product exactly here.



We have a sweet life again!

Dear guests, we have re-launched the confectionery shop and are waiting for you. Now you can run into us for a coffee break.

25% discount on the menu on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:30

During the COVID-19 epidemic, we work every day from 12:00 to 23:00. We accept orders for the kitchen until 22:15.

20% discount on everything on your birthday

There is a 20% discount on everything in our restaurant on the Birthday. The offer is valid one time within 7 days upon a passport presentation.

Special offers when ordering a banquet

Individual proposals for wine and bar list, special prices and discounts when ordering a banquet.

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Our clients feedback

Natalia K.


The best place in Moscow

Kirill I.


One of the best restaurants in Moscow! Lovely staff, menu, and chefs. The interior and overall furnishings deserve a special praise! Don't pass by!

Alexey Lebedev


An excellent restaurant



The food is delicious, fresh and hot, delivered quickly. It’s not the first time I order in this brasserie, I will order more. My recommend!


Stolyarniy lane d. 7, bldg. 1



We’ll call you back within 20 minutes

Thanks for your feedback!


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